Heartynote – Note With Heart

What is Heartynote?

Heartynote is a ‘Made in India’ social networking platform to treasure personal feelings and also share amazing moments of life.



Specially designed and carved with perfection for all the 1.3 billion Indians to note with heart without any barriers.

Why Heartynote?

Everyone in this world has something to note. Heartynote has a mission to see India in a stage where every Indian has a personal platform where he or she can be themselves. People often like to be themselves, but, as an individual we tend to copy others. We get attracted to personalities and try to improvise the same in our life style. But deep inside a person is all same. He has a heart and it has its own style of understanding things. Heartynote aims to be that personal partner for each and everyone in India to note with their heart. We want to be the deepest secret, best friend, amazing companion, best partner, and loyal platform for an individual.

Join us in this exciting journey to,

  • Create ‘Notes’ in one click where you can share regular updates, add descriptions, post photos and videos.
  • Create ‘Hearty Folders’ in one click under which you can store interesting notes and set the privacy according to your comfort.
  • Set ‘Hearty Status’ on your profile according to your vibes.
  • Find interesting Hearty Folders and subscribe to them in order to receive notifications about fresh notes created under the folder.
  • Find other Heartynote users to Connect, Follow, mark them as Favorites and also leave an impression on their profiles.
  • Get popular by getting higher number of profile views.
  • Search notes anytime, anywhere by either using specific keywords or the month and year.
  • Watch videos in just one click.
  • Express love by ‘Starring’, giving ‘Compliments’, ‘Renoting’ notes, and Referring different Notes.
  • Show up yourself to the entire Heartynote world by uploading ‘Profile’ and ‘Banner’ pictures.

Heartynote is much more than getting attention to a picture or a video posted. We value the feelings and memories of an individual more than anything else and here we are, with a platform, exclusively made for the people of India, to store your personal feelings and deepest fantasies.

Every single individual has something to note. Come join us and note with your heart. Also click here to know more about the ‘Top Indian Social Network’

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