Heartynote Team

Who founded Heartynote?

Welcome to the Heartynote Team. Wait, call it Heartynote family. Family before anything. We absolutely believe in this and we love what we do as a collective effort for HeartyNote. 

Everyone among the Heartynote family is treated with utmost care and love. We eat, work, celebrate and grow together.

All birthdays are celebrated with utmost happiness, all festivals are celebrated with lights of joy and enjoyment, all jokes are cracked with decent humor, all the happiness is shared among us, all the problems are discussed and dealt with so much thought and dedication.

We are not a team, we are Family. 

Heartynote Team – 

Mohan Krishna Padda – Founder

Heartynote Team CEO

Mohan Krishna Padda – Heartnote Founder

The tech enthusiast and a geeky web ninja who breathes code in place of oxygen. He is one behind the amazing idea of Heartynote. He is a night owl and considers coding to be the best part of his life. Once he sits to code, believe us, time flies and you can never see him move a centimeter. He is patient and has everything what it takes to be a CEO.

Pavan Kumar Patruni – Chief Technical Officer 

Heartynote Team CTO

Pavan Kumar Patruni – Heartynote CTO

This introvert Android developer is a music lover. We can see him with ear phones plugged in, listening to his playlist at any point of the day. Two things he loves the most are Heartynote app and music. An extremely patient individual with a good sense of humor. He loves chicken shawarma noodles.

Srihari Naidu Pudu – VP Quality Assurance

Heartynote Team - QA Vice President

Srihari Naidu Pudu – VP QA

Meet the oldest member in the Heartynote team. The hardworking tester makes sure the entire Heartynote platform is bug free. He makes untiring efforts to regain his lost hair and to find bugs in the platform. Though he succeeds in the second task, the first one still remains undone 😉

Murthy Adapa – VP EngineeringHeartynote Team - VP Engineering

Murthy Adapa – VP EngineeringThis drowsy developer is a gym and diet freak. He wakes up early in the morning, prepares his own diet for the rest of the day, such is his dedication level. You can sense slow motion in his words and the way he speaks and laughs. An introvert who mostly stays in his own world of thoughts.

Srinivas Narayanasetty – Community Operations Manager

Heartynote Team - Community Operations Manager

Srinivas Narayanasetty – COM

The most responsible and trustworthy person we had ever seen. He takes care of the operations in Heartynote. He spends his time managing things and loves eating. He is an extrovert and the kindest person alive. A universal brother and owner of 3 credit cards. Don’t believe us? Get in touch with him personally, you will get to know for yourself.

Bharath Varma AVS – Marketing Adviser

Heartynote Team HOM

Bharath Varma AVS – Marketing Advisor

Completed schooling in Andhra Pradesh, graduated in Jaipur and g. This enthusiastic young marketer comes from an engineering background and is a factory of ideas. He loves singing and has a tremendous sense of humor. He is also responsible for the amazing content of Heartynote and aims to master all the possible fields of marketing.

Religion, caste, creed and color mean nothing to us. We all are born equal. When we stand, we stand together!

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